Final resting place

DSC02134 DSC02135 DSC02139A message from Lorne’s mother, Sister Monica:
On May 22nd, [2013] one day after turning 45, we (the 12 sisters and my brother and sister, plus wife and Frauke’s son Henry and our priest-friend) interred Lorne’s urn in a beautiful small liturgy/ceremony. Very private and simple.

So you can SEE where he lies, I am mailing you these fotos that Sr. Renata took. That is the cemetery of our parish [5 minutes from me in Marienrode] (we nuns have our own plot, but just “across”)

It is a grassy beautiful plot, and the men of the parish keep it super. (lawn graves – for coffins or urns – become more popular today because few have the persons/time it need to care for grave (which are always beautifully kept with live flowers in Germany).¬†After so many weeks in the oratory (within the enclosure) I was ready to let him go…to “The other dimension” where he is more needed now, (as a friend wrote to me-) than here.

2 thoughts on “Final resting place

  1. Lorne was an inspiration to me in my flight training. I always appreciated my time with him flying – I even let him fly a bit now and then– as instructors don’t get the opportunity as their students advance in their proficiency.

  2. I remember so well Lorne’s smiling face! I can’t imagine how difficult this was for you and Jim, too. I’ve had you all on my mind lately and think how long it has been and really it isn’t that long at all! Tom just shakes his head and the tears come. We pray for all of you often. This place is so peaceful and beautiful. He is where he needs to be now! God bless you all with love and peace.

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