Marker Project

Quest Richlife has been AMAZING! He had taken charge of a long-term marker project that placed Lorne in several places around the SF Peninsula. These are ideas contributed by several different people. He was very committed and saw through the completion of the following:

1. May 16, 2014: the engraving on the granite tile that we’d purchased in memory of Lorne has been completed. Purchased by the Friends of Lorne, a stone marker is in the garden near the coastal range scattering area at Skylawn Cemetery located at Skyline and Hwy 92 in San Mateo.

2. August 20, 2014: On Monday afternoon Quest delivered the two Memorial plaques of Lorne that I’ve been working on for us as a group. The first stop was at Jeppesen-Boeing in San Jose where I handed the first plaque to Jeff Rupprecht who worked with Lorne for many years in the Flight Planning/International Trip Planning department. Jeff will “go up the ladder” of Management personnel there to have them decide where to mount the plaque, and actually get it put on a wall somewhere in the work area.

3. August 20, 2014: A plaque or framed photo or something in hardwood or metal or combination to be put up in West Valley Flying Club in San Carlos. I then met up with Steve Gauvin in Belmont and turned over the second plaque to him. Also meeting up with us in Belmont was Chris Tavenner, Noelle Rodolari and her boyfriend Mike. Steve will bring the plaque to West Valley Flying Club in San Carlos and present it to the Club through Francesca, who is the Operations Manager of the KSQL location.

4. March 13, 2015: There is now a Memorial Bench w/bronze plaque in Lorne’s honor is anchored to the aggregate walkway just outside of the WVFC SQL office at the Skyway Building on Friday, 3/13.

5. Still being investigated: A memorial plaque at Hiller Aviation Museum of text and/or a bas-relief etching or engraving that would have Lorne’s likeness along with some appropriate words. This would be put up on the wall there at Hiller alongside those of other notable aviators and pilots that have contributed to the local aviation culture.

6. Update: Patti Andrews has been working on a montage of photos to hang on one of the walls at the Three-Zero Cafe sometime in the near future.

7. April 6, 2015: Final funds from ‘Friends of Lorne Lawry’ in the amount of $417 were donated to the Hiller Museum’s 2015 Spring/Summer Fundraising Campaign.

The Hiller Aviation Museum has been an integral part of the pilot community at KSQL for many years, and celebrates aviation and pilots who have a love of flight, which also exemplifies what we all knew to be true of Lorne. Within the next 9-12 months(from April 2015), after the end of the Hiller’s Fundraising Campaign, there will come the creation of a recognition plaque or list of donors which will be affixed to one of the walls within the main floor at Hiller. It’s my intention and hope that Jeffery Bass will see to it that there is listed on the donor plaque the words “The Friends of Lorne Lawry, In Memoriam”. I’ll be checking in with him on a quarterly basis to get a progress report as to the creation and installation of this recognition wall, list, or plaque.

Many many many thanks to Quest for all the love, time, energy, and funding that was put into these permanent memorials for Lorne. And many many thanks to the Friends of Lorne for each of your loving and supportive contributions as well. Lorne was very loving and in return very well loved as these efforts are proof of that.

Anyone interested in visiting Lorne’s spot in the garden at Skylawn Memorial Park please feel free to contact me (call or text), Liz Rogers at 650.207.0952. As fate would have it, I recently accepted a position at Skylawn. Should you decide you’d like to visit, I would love it if you would let me show you where Lorne’s tile is located. Skylawn is an exceptionally beautiful cemetery that overlooks the ocean – as does Lorne’s spot. Quest did an excellent job choosing for Lorne and I will keep an eye on Lorne’s place often.

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