Update Jun 28, 2013

From Quest… (posted at his request)

1) I met with Steve Blonstein & Ashley at WVFC and he was very nice and cordial to me regarding Lorne. Steve showed me the place on the wall where there is a plaque placed for a scholarship fund that has been set up for another WVFC CFI who died in a motorcycle accident a couple years ago. Their plans are to get an identical plaque for the scholarship that’s being set up in Lorne’s honor. They raised about $1,000 each of the last two years for the other scholarship, and are hoping to do as well for Lorne. They’ll be having a “food and crafts” fair on August 17th in the parking lot out in front of the Club to raise money for these scholarships. Also, there is a place on the WVFC website where one can go in and donate to the fund for Lorne and/or Giani. I think I’ll go in there within the next week and donate to the scholarship in honor of Lorne.

When I asked Steve about a plaque that could be placed at PAO which specifically was “In Memoriam” for Lorne, he suggested that PAO wouldn’t be the best place, and that a plaque of that type would be better located at SQL. He said that I should talk with Francesca at the SQL office and work out the details with her directly. He also told me that he wouldn’t need to go through the Board in order to get approval for such a plaque. I didn’t have time to stop in and talk with Francesca on Wednesday, but will plan to do that when I go up there in July.

2) I went up to SkyLawn and met with one of the nice sales reps. there. She took me out to the “Coast Range Disbursal Area” and showed me what’s available for a situation like the one we have for Lorne. This is an area which has engravings in several different areas for people whose relatives have scattered their ashes some place other than the cemetery, but who wish to memorialize that person somehow. Options include an engraving in an entire 12″ x 12″ floor stone at around $1,200, or we could choose 1/3 of one of those for $400. There is also something called the tilted wall as well as pillars that can be engraved. I liked the pillars the best. We’ll need to figure out how much there is to spend on something like this, and then decide what we might want to do in this regard. Also, the rep told me that because none of the friends are next of kin, we will need something in writing as a permission for us to do this from a family member such as Lorne’s father or mother. I hope that they’ll give their permission for us to do this as there is no physical presence in the USA that is a memorial for Lorne.

I didn’t have time to stop in at the San Mateo County Airports Office and talk with Gretchen Kelly regarding a bench, but hope to be able to do that when I go up [there from Hollister] in July. Ditto on talking with Chris Tavenner at Hiller. The project that is the lowest priority at the time is a framed print to be placed somewhere in the lobby of the terminal building/30 Cafe at HAF. I’ll probably work on that after these other projects come to fruition, and may see if Patti Andrews is interested as she’s the one who proposed it.

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