Scholarship Fund

Thank you to ALL who have donated to Lorne’s Memorial Fund and for your participation.

Everyone was most generous with contributing money, time, energy, everything. A true collaboration! Hiller Aviation Museum was so very gracious in discounting their fees and working with us to be able to make this a great event for a GREAT and lovely soul. Many thanks to the Int’l Trip Planning team at Jeppesen with donations from the company as well as many of its’ staff who were friends and co-workers of Lorne. Extremely grateful to West Valley Flying Club which was home to Lorne since 1995 for all their generosity and participation both from the management as well as the membership. Thank you to all the friends and family – for your donations, your participation, your stories, and your prayers that made celebrating Lorne a really exceptional event!

Your generous contributions left us with a surplus!
West Valley Flying Club has created a Scholarship in Lorne’s name for new pilots. The cash collected at the event plus a donation from West Valley will help to make it possible to make a new pilot’s dream come true. More details will be posted soon as to how you can participate.

Again, thank you so very much to everyone for your generosity, communication, participation, all of your hugs, wishes and prayers, everything. You are all amazing!

God bless. One and all.

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